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Brand Zenone Elettronica
Category Testing Equipment
Subcategory High Power Technology
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The current sources GI - SI series are static constant current generators, the models cover the range from 900A up to 40KA with powers up to 300KVA. Synchronizable to obtain polyphase systems or parallelable up to 1000KVA. The GI - SI sources deliver very stable AC current in all load conditions with output frequencies from 40 to 200Hz, providing sinusoidal or arbitrary waveforms. They can have up to three current scales with manual or automatic switching. Equipped with a modern and simple user interface combined with a large LCD display they offer the possibility to make multiple applications. They are designed in built-in or table rack 19" (low powers), in wheeled cabinet (medium powers) or cabinet, there are also available models with a separate power for mounting on board. Ideal for laboratory applications, they play an important role in the final product test. Programmable via serial RS485, RS232, optional USB, LAN or optic fiber. The analog input (BOOSTER) allows the use as power amplifier and 8 programmable digital I / O ensure a perfect integration with automatic test lines.



  • output current from 900A up to 40KA
  • power from 5KVA up to 300KVA
  • output frequency 40 - 200Hz
  • in parallel up to 1MVA
  • bandwidth > 500Hz
  • erogation time at Imax up to 2S
  • continuous mode up to 1/3 of Imax
  • synchronizable for poliphases systems
  • programmable start angle
  • up to three scales for better accuracy
  • output waveforms sinusoidal or arbitrary
  • amplifier use mode
  • can be controlled from front panel, serial, inputs
  • design table rack, built-in rack, cabinet, open frame
  • accuracy better than 0.3%
  • THD lower than 0.3%
  • timer sequencer from 1mS with 30 step
  • trip time measurement
  • floating output
  • PC control software
Typical applications for GI - SI series are switchs magnetic test with trip time measurement, fuses, relais, laminated cores, coils, trafo, cables heating, distribution substations, clamps and contacts, tests and calibration of TA, SHUNT, ROGOWSKY


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