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Special laboratory Extractor Workstation
Brand Weiss Technik
Category Testing Equipment
Subcategory Pharmaceutical Technology
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The innovative safety workstations for handling active substances and pollutants are a reliable and highly efficient way of protecting employees and the general environment. They only produce around 250 m³/h of exhaust air, around 60% less than traditional laboratory extractors, significantly reducing the cost of running a building’s extraction system. They operate on the basis of an innovative airflow principle with table extraction and partially circulated air. The filter technology is integrated into the frame of the workstation.

Reliable protection and superior comfort

The workstation provides safe personal and environmental protection and a robust containment capacity in accordance with SMEPAC guidelines. The sophisticated ergonomic design of the workstation also makes it extremely comfortable to use - from the bright LED lighting through to the quiet draft-free operation and the large front sash for the easy placement of components.

With options like a range of materials for the work surface, various filter solutions and combinations and individual media modules, the workstation can be tailored to meet a variety of requirements.

The highlights at a glance

  • Reduced exhaust air volume and energy costs thanks to a partially circulated air system
  • Integrated extraction and filter technology for efficient production
  • A well-lit and ergonomic workstation
  • Range of media modules available
  • Tested personal and environmental protection in accordance with SMEPAC
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