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Photostability Test Chamber in Accordance With The ICH Q 1 B Guideline, Pharma-L
Brand Weiss Technik
Category Testing Equipment
Subcategory Pharmaceutical Technology
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The Pharma 250-L and Pharma 500-L photostability test cabinets of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands are characterised by the ideal distribution of light, UV, temperature and humidity and thus guarantee reproducible light, UV and climate conditions. The lighting systems used comply with the ICH Q1B Guideline Option 2 and make it possible to perform photostability tests in less than 100 hours.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Ideal distribution of light, UV, temperature and humidity
  • Reproducible light, UV and climate conditions
  • Lighting systems comply with ICH Q1B Guideline Option 2
  • Photostability tests can be performed in less than 100 hours
  • Uniform exposure thanks to special light and UV filter systems

Our Environmental Simulation Chambers and Systems are available under the brand names weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik®.

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