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Highest Measurement Certainty and Fastest Throughput

HIGH FLOW Technology for Highest Measurement Certainty and Fastest Throughput

XL3000flex sniffer leak detector is the first device to detect leaks with forming gas (95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen) as accurately as with helium, with a smallest detectable leak rate of 1 ? 10-7 mbar?l/s for both test gases.

The XL3000flex provides the best flexibility to choose the test gas which is easiest to obtain according to lower cost. In addition, the XL3000flex uses the INFICON High Flow Technology: the device operates with a gas flow of 3000 sccm - the highest gas flow available on the market today. This allows the sniffer tip to be moved over the test piece at some distance and at a higher speed, so even the most inexperienced operators can achieve reliable results with the XL3000flex.

An additional advantage of the high gas flow is that it is the only way to enable reliable robotic sniffer leak testing. 


  • INFICON High Flow Technology

    • enables unmatched measurement certainty - stop missing leaks!
    • finds leaks even in hard to access areas
    • helps unexperienced operators to reliably locate leaks
    • creates highest througput testing
    • is ideally suited for robotic testing  - allows for maximum transversal speed even at some distance to the part
  • Minimize your operating cost - select the tracer gas of your choice!

  • Foolproof handling for manual leak detection process

    • redundant leak alarms - leaks cannot be overlooked!
    • ergonomically designed sniffer probe with Display - user can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitor the leakage rate simultaneously
  • Easy integration options for robot applications with Fieldbus Interface


  • Manual or automated leak testing for Sub-assembly and midproduction of: 

    • Refrigerators 
    • Freezers 
    • Air conditioners 
    • Automotive air conditioners 
    • Heating and Ventilation 
    • RAC components 
    • Automotive components and similar products.
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