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UL6000 Fab Mobile vacuum leak detector - the ultimate in leak testing
Category Leak Detectors
Subcategory Helium Leak Detector
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UL6000 Fab
Mobile vacuum leak detector - the ultimate in leak testing

In capital-intensive industries such as the manufacturing of semiconductors, your employees suddenly become the pit crew and must find and repair leaks very quickly. So rely on our newest solution for your leak testing team: The UL6000 Fab by INFICON is not only the most precise, durable and thus reliable testing system on the market, it also saves time throughout the testing sequence. These benefits, along with the intuitive handling and a proven helium spraying method, help your pit crew find even the smallest leaks in record time with the helium spraying method.

UL6000 Fab highlights

  • Slim design for easy maneuverability
  • A swiveling and user-friendly touch display and intuitive menu navigation make handling easy
  • Reaches test conditions faster than any other device on the market
  • Can be controlled via web app or wireless remote control (optional)
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