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The INFICON Pirani Gauge Enhanced 300 (PGE300) like it's bigger brotherP GE500 is equipped with the latest digital convection enhanced Piranit echnology available on the market. Equipped with the same sensor components as the PGE500, the PGE300 yields the same higher accuracy readings int he measurement range between 100 to 1000 mbar. The PGE300 offers only the critical built-in features that the majority of customers in the vacuum industry are looking for, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. This rugged gauge and sensor design, in combination with the factory built in clear readable LED display, 3 selectable analog output signals and a set point relay makes the PGE300 a high value/low cost of ownership choice not only for OEM customers, but all customers. These features qualify this gauge for many applications where an economicalvacuum measurement from low to high vacuum range is required. With its wider measuring range and higher accuracy, especially at lower pressures in combination with the economically priced built in features the PGE300 also is the first choice  for an active gauge when replacing thermocouple gauges in your vacuum system.



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  • Convection Enhanced Pirani Technology for wide measurement range and higher accuracy near atmosphere
  • All-in-One active gauge with built-in display, 1 set point and 3 selectable analog output signals
  • Bright digital LED display features a user friendly for calibration and operation
  • 3 optional analog output signals (user selectable)
  • Factory pre-set analog output signal or selectable via user interface
  • Factory pre-set display units or selectable via user interface
  • User programmable set point relays
  • Gold plated tungsten filament
  • Mechanical strength, highly robust and less susceptible to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Choice of flange options
  • Compliance & standards: CE, RoHS
  • Direct drop in replaces most Granville-Phillips® Mini-Convectron® modules (GP275) and ideal device forupgrading your installed thermocouple gauges

    (Granville-Phillips® and Mini-Convectron® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA)



  • Fore vacuum pressure measurement
  • General vacuum measurement and control from low to the high vacuum range
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