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EST-300 Series Hipot Tester
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Subcategory Electrical Safety Testers
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The EST-300 hipot tester's compact size does not compromise the device's performance or reliability. The series delivers high testing efficiencies that show in every detail. The built-in ARC detection feature — utilized by many top-tier manufactures - detects abnormal circuit shorts, preventing poor gap spacing that can cause dielectric breakdowns while enhancing quality assurance. The ramp-high and charge-low functions increase efficiency, eliminating common errors from the DUT's test results caused by current overshoots and faulty connections.


Key Highlight

  • Designed with the dimensions of an A4 paper, it is extremely compact in size for operational flexibility.
  • The tester fully integrates AC/DC withstand, and insulation resistance testing features into a single solution.
  • Weighing only 5.5 kg, it is one of the lightest 3-in-1 hipot testers available on the market, delivering extreme portability to the manufacturing floor.
  • The EST-300 series is a world-class reliable safety tester certified by TUV (TUV EN61326-1).
  • Ramp-high and charge-low functions increase testing efficiency by eliminating common misjudgment errors from the DUT’s test results that can occur during current overshoots and faulty connections.
  • EEC exclusive patented fast discharge function helps the DUT efficiently releases excess electricity within 50ms to ensure maximum safety for operators.
  • Unmatched quality assurance with ARC detection capability eliminates poor gap spacing that can cause dielectric breakdowns.
  • Future-proof your safety testing with expandable interconnecting capability to a ground bond testing machine for more complete testing.
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