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EGB-300 AC/DC Ground Bond Tester
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Subcategory Electrical Safety Testers
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EGB-300 is EEC's next-generation ground bond (GB) tester brings together AC and DC testing capability in a compact size design. Offering a maximum 40A current measurement capability and high-accuracy performance, the EGB-300 embodies EEC’s commitment on delivering high quality products to customers.It  is the ideal solution for electrical hardware tests, ranging from home appliances to audio/video equipment. Despite its compact design, the EGB-300 does not come up short on adaptability. Interlink to an EST-300 series hipot tester for a 5-in-1 testing system. Which can be conveniently mounted in a 2U rack to create a complete ACW, DCW, IR, AC GB, and DC GB testing solution.


Key Highlight

  • Compact design engineered to the size of a piece of A4 paper and weighing only 5.5kg
  • A complete ground bond testing solution capable of performing both AC and DC ground bond tests
  • Maximum 40A current output, suitable for testing on home appliances, audio/video equipment, medical equipment and EV system
  • Four-wire measurement utilizes two additional wires to eliminate fixture resistance and enhance testing accuracy
  • Double protection design with fully adjustable open circuits protects both the operator and DUT
  • Expandability with EEC’s EST-300 series hipot testers creates a complete 5-in-1 testing system in just 2U (ACW + DCW + IR + AC GB + DC GB)
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