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7630 Touch Current Tester
Category Testing Equipment
Subcategory Electrical Safety Testers
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The 7630 series offers complete set of touch current analyzer options. The series features a variety of built-in measuring devices (MD) and testing conditions to simulate any environmental circumstances. The 7630 also integrates dynamic load monitoring capable of handling up to 40A DUT power. Remotely control the 7630 via RS-232 to form an automated testing system.


Key Highlight

  • 7 different human body simulation measuring devices (MD).
  • 8 different testing fault condition simulations.
  • Prompt & Hold function: provides alerts and instructions between tests.
  • Capable of handling up to 40A DUT power.
  • Simulate human body impedance (MD) and simultaneously displaying both voltage and touch current during the measurement results.
  • Swappable measuring device (MD) for quick calibrations, maintenances, and replacements.
  • Provided with touch current to measure AC/DC/AC+DC in conformity to the IEC 60601 standard for medical electrical equipment.
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