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The Sensitivity of Helium Leak Detection at a Pressure-Decay System price

INFICON T-Guard2 Leak Detection Sensor closes the gap between costly hard vacuum helium leak detection and low sensitivity leak testing methods like waterbath and pressure decay. T-Guard2 works at atmospheric pressure, therefore there is no need for vacuum chambers and pumps.

There is no faster and more cost-effective way of repeatable leak testing in the measurement range of T-Guard2.


  • Low operating cost

    • The INFICON Wise Technology Helium sensor does not need a vacuum, turbo-pump, or maintenance. This lowers your operating costs and assure high uptimes.
  • No limitation of product properties

    • Even large, warm or humid objects, and those can not be well operated under vacuum can be leak tested
  • Find all leaks reliably

    • With INFICON Wise Technology leaks down to 1x10-6 mbar·l/s can be detected reliably
  • Easy to use

    • The intelligent Software and optional display units supply easy operation through an intuitive menu structure
  • Fexible Control

    • INFICON T-Guard2 allows a wide range of control options. You can choose between PLC, PC or optional display and Profibus.


  • Leak detection for air conditioner components

  • Leak detection for components for the automotive industry
  • Leak detection for large, warm or humid components

  • Leak detection for all components where pressure decay and water bath systems can not provide sufficient sensitivity

  • Other markets where helium vacuum leak detection has been considered as too costly or complex
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